Remote Control Monitoring

Control your heating, lighting, swimming pool, home, business, community centre and more
from your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Save energy. Save money.
Be in control with Monitorhawk Remote Control Monitoring.

Control lighting, heating and more using your mobile phone, tablet or computer

Switch equipment on and off as required, for example:

• Church/village halls with regular and irregular bookings
• Sports field lighting
• Factory heating
• Holiday homes
• Check boiler settings
• Be alerted to any faults in the system by text, email or via your online control panel

The applications are endless

Control your heating, lighting and more from your mobile phone, tablet or computer
Save money on your energy bills
Works with any energy supplier, no need to switch
How Monitorhawk Compares

Lightwave RF
Domestic use
Commercial use
Interconnectable multiple sites
Reseller option
Reseller advertising on login web page
Owned or rented
Monitor and control any application
Self install and professional install
Alarms sent via email
Control 10 or more circuits
Accepts 200 or more MOD bus inputs
Graph any output
Closed loop feature